Epazz to launch StreamPay blockchain smart contract app in Q4 2021

Epazz to launch StreamPay blockchain smart contract app in Q4 2021

The blockchain app will allow users to pay in USD, Euros, or Cryptocurrencies whilst maintaining the ongoing local exchange rates

Epazz, a developer of blockchain cryptocurrency mobile app and cloud-based business software, has revealed that StreamPay, its blockchain-based smart contract app, will be released by late 2021. StreamPay is a blockchain-based enterprise supply chain risk monitoring and payment tracking solution that manages suppliers and finished goods.

Using blockchain smart contract technology to trace raw materials to finished items, the StreamPay app offers a tool for managers to monitor their supply chain for fraud risk.

StreamPay uses distributed ledger technology to create articles that can be placed into smart contracts. Using QR codes and digital signatures, end-users like suppliers, logistics businesses, supply chain manufacturers, vendors, and customers can trace services and goods.

The platform allows businesses to monitor their supply chains to see if they are at risk. StreamPay has a risk index that warns users on their dashboards of any potential supply chain issues. It also oversees quality control to assure that the finished goods fulfill the specifications set out by the consumers. Inspectors can also grant certifications to suppliers and partners.

In addition to this, StreamPay allows transaction participants to make policy decisions, while its smart contracts will make payments to suppliers when goods or services are supplied. The parties can pay in USD, Euros, or Cryptocurrencies, with the latest local exchange rate maintained by the StreamPay wallet. This gives consumers a hassle-free payment experience, allowing them to pay for small transactions without having to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

According to CEO & Chairman of Epazz Inc., Shaun Passley, the StreamPay app will be released by the end of the year, and is expected to help boost the process of building a company.

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