Elrond to soon launch a blockchain payment application- Maiar

Elrond to soon launch a blockchain payment application- Maiar

Romania-based blockchain startup firm- Elrond has reportedly announced surpassing a market valuation of USD 1 billion in just under 3 years post its launch. Reports have it that the fast-evolving startup is now all set to be included in its list of 10 of the most promising startups in Malta in 2021 and is on a mission to now attract its next billion users via the official launch of a blockchain payment application- Maiar.

Backed by the support of partners like Binance and Samsung, Elrond has been witnessing proper growth despite the onset of COVID-19 pandemic last year. It has been claimed that the company partly attributes this massive scaling to its dynamic team and working format.

Now as the company is moving toward launching another potential mobile wallet and global payments application- Maiar, it is seeking to ensure a more secure, inexpensive, and private alternative to other payment applications including Google Pay, PayPal, or Revolut.

Moreover, the new invention is anticipated to make use of Elrond’s internet-scale performance, scaling beyond 100,000 transactions/second.

As per official sources, Maiar enables an avid phone user to have access to a working wallet in seconds. It would be essential to note that over more than 200,000 users have already signed up for early app access.

As per a statement released by Elrond’s CEO, Beniamin Mincu, billions of people are now able to send direct messages to their contacts owing to Maiar’s intuitive, convenient, and inexpensive attributes. In addition to this, both Elrond blockchain and Maiar can now be able to offer users the same experience when it comes to sending money.

Although the blockchain technology is gradually observing traction worldwide, the advantages of these are still out of reach for the vast majority of internet users, who have been on a lookout for a gateway that is easy to use, intuitive, and boasts of features similar or better than current popular payment apps. This is why Maiar is estimated to open a new wave of revolution in the global financial system.

Source Credit: https://www.eu-startups.com/2021/02/maltese-romanian-blockchain-startup-elrond-achieves-unicorn-status/