Eligma secures €4Mn in funds to boost crypto-payment tool-‘GoCrypto’

Eligma secures €4Mn in funds to boost crypto-payment tool-‘GoCrypto’

Slovenian cryptocurrency start-up- Eligma has reportedly raised four million Euro in the latest funding round led by the CEO of Bitcoin.com- Roger Ver, giving the company a 50 million Euro valuation. Established in the year 2017, the company develops payment infrastructures that allow both, local and online stores to accept direct cryptocurrency payment through its network called- GoCrypto.   

Notably, the investment round will help the company to connect with some of the largest processors across the globe and also offer unique, integrated solutions that help process any type of payment such as, credit card payments, digital payment solutions, and crypto payments.

For the record, Eligma is working towards revolutionizing offline payment methods, where additional hardware systems will not be required.

It is worth noting that both Bitcoin.com and Eligma aim at introducing cryptocurrencies into mainstream and advancing the payment systems across the globe with the help of the latest digital technologies.

Seemingly, Eligma has been recognized as one of the leading startups operating in this field. Moreover, GoCrypto carries the ability to process any payment type and can also set up a tokenomics model which is connected to crypto payments and also support different conventional payment modes such as cash.  

Elaborating further on this context, Eligma will carry the ability to convert a part of the card and digital payment solution to GoC token which will help achieve the transition of traditional money forms into crypto.

In a statement, the company elaborated that this new technology will advance the payment methods, wherein shoppers will be allowed to use different fast yet reliable contactless payment modes. On the other hand, merchants will be able to accept crypto payments without changing their existing business processes.

Apparently, GoCrypto works by generating a QR code that buyers may scan using their cryptocurrency wallet and once the transaction is successful, merchants can receive the exchanged money in their local currency.

As per reliable sources, Eligma also operates ‘Elly’-   a multifunctional cryptocurrency wallet that allows the users to exchange crypto payments through the app and send money to other crypto wallets.

Source Credit: https://news.bitcoin.com/eligma-raises-additional-e4-million-equity-investment-at-e50-million-valuation/