DSS, Coinstreet, and GSX team up to build digital asset exchange in the U.S

DSS, Coinstreet, and GSX team up to build digital asset exchange in the U.S

A latest news from the cryptocurrency world, Document Security Systems (DSS), Coinstreet Partners (Coinstreet), and GSX Group (GSK) have announced their collaboration. It has been speculated that this JV collaboration forms an exclusive partnership, and business network from three regions, Asia, Europe, and North America, to capitalize on inimitable digital asset opportunities.

Claims are made that the newly established alliance looks to pursue a digital securities exchange authorization in the United States. Moving ahead, it would further stand as a key operational entity building and operating a digital securities exchange platform that makes use of GSX’s STACS blockchain technology to cater to the demand of cooperate issuers and investors in the sector.

Moreover, this partnership is likely to allow GSX Group, DSS and Coinstreet Partners to emerge as the next digital asset exchange to get FINRA registration as an alternative trading system (ATS).

Speaking on the alliance, Frank D. Heuszel, CEO of DSS, cited that the company had been looking for right opportunities to escalate its digital asset business and believes that this JV would offer a robust foundation for their success. Given that the potential of digital securities is highly exciting, DSS is expecting to pursue the immense opportunity in the country for a secondary market in securities token.

Meanwhile, CEO and Founder of Coinstreet Partners, Samson Lee quoted that the organization is delighted to establish a strategic collaboration with GSX and DSS to realize a digital asset exchange in the United States. He added that this novel move stands to be a major step for Coinstreet which would allow it to vertically incorporate its key market services with regulated secondary trading venues in the country.

On the other hand, commenting on the deal, Nick Cowan, Chief Executive Officer of GSX Group, stated through this JV, the firm is seeking to accomplish its vision to establish a paradigm shift in the capital markets.

He mentioned that with the support of DSS, Coinstreet, its underlying bespoke blockchain technology, and the GSX STACS network, the new exchange would offer some new opportunities for the U.S and global issuers.

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