DEXA COIN unveils new social platform with digital payment features

DEXA COIN unveils new social platform with digital payment features

DEXA COIN has recently unveiled the first blockchain-powered social messenger platform in the world, with digital payment features. Delivering an intuitive chat experience, the new app also has added features such as high-definition video and voice calls, file sharing of GIFs, videos and images.

Additionally, the app also allows users to create groups. It is in the beta testing phase at present, and is set to release publicly in the second quarter of 2021, aiming to attract all users rather than just the crypto community.

DEXA COIN CEO and founder Adnan Altaf has commented on the new launch, stating that existing social messaging platforms have limited functionalities. With the new app, he said, the company is venturing further into the market, giving users the ability to not just connect with family and friends, but also to make digital payments securely among their community, through blockchain technology. He further added that the fusion of blockchain technology into a social platform has allowed for a revolution in the way users interact, connect and transact.

DEXA APP users will have the ability to make digital payments in the chat box itself. The platform also has a secure wallet facility, where users can hold crypto assets like LTC (Litecoin), ETH (Ethereum) and BTC (Bitcoin). The app is highly secure, featuring end-to-end encryption that safeguards user data and provides a safe messenger experience, unlike many other messenger apps which have lost users due to issues with privacy.

The new app launch is considered to be the first step in the company’s roadmap for the future. Other plans include linking of the app to e-commerce stores to facilitate merchandise purchase using crypto currencies or fiat, and the creation of payment cards. The company is also aiming towards introducing multiplayer games on the platform, giving users the ability to challenge one another, and to use native DEXA tokens to enhance their in-game performance.

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