dClimate partners with Namibia to create a blockchain-native registry

dClimate partners with Namibia to create a blockchain-native registry

dClimate, a transparent, decentralized climate marketplace, is reportedly collaborating with Namibia to become a verifier to the country’s sustainability initiatives and carbon impact.

This agreement via the University of Namibia will include building a verification system and native-blockchain registry for measuring the country’s carbon seizure, carbon credits, and carbon emissions from green hydrogen projects.

As per dClimate, this is the first decentralized and transparent network for climate data, models, and forecasts. Its base layer is assembled on Ethereum, and its network uses Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network to enable on-chain authentication and support for dClimate’s governance layer.

Sid Jha, the founding partner of dClimate, said that by working collaboratively with the staff, academics, and researchers at the University of Namibia, the firm would be able to authenticate the carbon credits of the country for supporting the current green hydrogen projects within Namibia.

This represents an exciting use case for how blockchain technology can power climate action as well as how countries can use decentralized climate data to support sustainability projects.

Namibia is a developing country in the green hydrogen drive, with plenty of solar and wind resources. It also sees significant export opportunities in green hydrogen and green ammonia.

The country announced a project for $9.4 billion with HYPHEN Hydrogen Energy at COP26, selected to bring 2GW of renewable capacity and the electrolyzer capacity for producing green hydrogen for renovation into ammonia.

Further expansion envisions growth to 5GW of renewable capacity and 3GW of electrolyzer capacity generating 300,000t of green hydrogen per year.

Namibia Presidential Economic Advisor and Hydrogen Commissioner, James Mnyupe, expects that dClimate’s data platform pledges to precisely capture the efforts of the country to tackle climate change and permit monetizing green hydrogen in a scalable manner.

He commented that Namibia’s green hydrogen ambitions are evidence of its commitment to combating climate change via its efforts to decarbonize regional, local and global industrial clusters.

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