David Beckham becomes DigitalBits ambassador, will launch his own NFTs

David Beckham becomes DigitalBits ambassador, will launch his own NFTs

Global sports icon David Beckham, OBE has reportedly been signed on as the global brand ambassador for blockchain project DigitalBits, making the former pro footballer the latest star to join the world of blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse.

Athlete-turned-businessman, Beckham will be helping in communicating the power of DigitalBits blockchain to various global brands, organizations, and consumers, by taking on a series of projects that showcase the blockchain’s fast and eco-friendly technology.

The partnership will push for sustainability and innovation in the field while fostering new ways in which the Inter Miami CF president can connect with his fans from across the globe. Beckham will utilize his experience and relationship with various global brands, such as Adidas, EA, and Maserati to promote DigitalBits as the Blockchain for Brands.

Possessing one of the most influential online presence worldwide, Beckham has over 138 million followers, with annual impressions on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, as well as China-based Douyin and Weibo, surpassing 9 billion, the highest among international accounts.

With blockchain technology, brands and talent are able to engage with their followers and fans by creating digitals assets, such as NFTs, and reflect their most memorable moments on a new level.

With that in mind, Beckham will also be launching a series of NFTs as well as other digital assets based on Blockchain, which will be minted exclusively on the DigitalBits blockchain.

Beckham, also the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, stated that he had always been interested in connecting with his fans from around the world, and knew it would be a great opportunity for him to create new experiences for his fans when he first spoke to the DigitalBits team.

Beckham added that he is excited about working on his NFT collection, along with more innovations in the future with the team.

Al Burgio, founder of DigitalBits Blockchain, stated that he looked forward to working with Beckham and introducing the transformative power of Blockchain technology to general audiences so they may understand its true potential.

Source credit: https://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/david-beckham-enters-the-metaverse-and-becomes-global-ambassador-for-digitalbits-blockchain-845689236.html