Custody Digital unveils Ledgermatic- to modernize corporate treasury system

Custody Digital unveils Ledgermatic- to modernize corporate treasury system

Dublin-based digital market infrastructure specialist, Custody Digital has reportedly introduced an advanced corporate treasury solution – Ledgermatic. The new offering will seamlessly integrate with the current ERP and banking software to enable users to monitor both traditional and digital assets together and unlock liquidity from both the type of assets via a single portal.

Seemingly, Ledgermatic will allow financial organizations to secure their corporate treasury services for the future, helping them remain profitable and compliant.

Developed on IBM Cloud Hyper Protect’s Confidential Computing technology, this new digital asset solution will offer the highest level of security and reliability to connect treasurers and CFOs to a set of digital-asset led financial products and risk management solutions.

Along similar lines, Ledgermatic has developed its own Confidential Key Construction, which offers a superior alternative to multi-party computation, securing non-repudiation and embedding governance and controls all the key shares to ensure provable decision making.

According to Luke Sully, CEO, Ledgermatic, with the world shifting towards a digitized economy, finance teams are focusing on modernizing their business in order to integrate digital assets, in the coming times. Ledgermatic will allow financial institutions and companies to adopt the latest treasury system that offers superior control with low risk, he added.

It is worth mentioning that, the finance sector is on the verge of a major change, where digital assets have become a standard feature for institutions and businesses. A study conducted by the World Economic Forum reveals that nearly 10% of the global GDP will be stored in the form of digital assets by 2027, yet corporate treasures and CFOs do not have any reliable tools to help them.

On the other hand, different jurisdictions are establishing their own rules regarding the use of digital assets, hence the strategy of crypto-finance is constantly changing. With business activities being carried out in digital assets, finance teams in organizations are facing pressure to reshape business operations in order to avoid being left behind by competitors.

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