Cryptocurrency retirement platform Bitcoin IRA launches a mobile app

Cryptocurrency retirement platform Bitcoin IRA launches a mobile app

The app is expected to offer a simple & secure method to invest in crypto assets using retirement accounts

Bitcoin IRA, the worlds first, largest, and most secured cryptocurrency retiring platform, has officially unveiled a mobile app, allowing users to easily buy, sell, and transfer crypto holdings within their self-directed retirement accounts.

Investors who are interested in the new software can download it on iOS and Android devices. With this app, traders can securely plan and monitor their accounts on the go, at any time from any location.

The main purpose of Bitcoin IRA is to help Americans retire early, said Chris Kline, Bitcoin IRA's Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer. The smartphone app is its latest initiative to make it even convenient for existing and new consumers to engage in cryptocurrencies within their self-directed retirement accounts.

He further stated that – the company is delighted to become the first crypto retirement platform of its sort to be capable of offering its software to customers. Furthermore, the company will continue to focus on improving client experience.

According to reports, cryptocurrency retirement accounts have become extremely popular, as Bitcoin IRA has outperformed 100,000 members and is rapidly expanding its customer base, making it the biggest, highly mainstream, and recognized cryptocurrency IRA platform.

Bitcoin IRA has launched its mobile app in response to increase demands from customers, enabling them to self-trade crypto assets, watch portfolios, monitoring price alerts, and check monthly income received on crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even cash.

The new Bitcoin IRA mobile app offers self-directed crypto IRA participants with a complete solution. The software makes it easier for new retiree investors who invest in cryptocurrency to set up an account within minutes and begin making crypto transactions directly from their mobile phones after their account is funded.

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