announces integration of DeFi Swap features and Crypto Pay announces integration of DeFi Swap features and Crypto Pay

Maltese cryptocurrency exchange platform- has reportedly announced integrating its Crypto Pay and DeFi Swap products on its platform. As per official sources, the integration would serve as a powerful upgradation to represent the strength of the ecosystem, as it looks to introduce more token to the Crypto Pay platform. The company is also seeking to improve the Swap-Fee Sharing for DeFi Swap Liquidity Providers with almost each Pay transaction.

It has been reported that the Pay users can now easily have access to the DeFi Swap token by scanning the QR code within the application and then selecting the available currencies, and immediately completing the payment without having to pay any gas fees.

Moreover, besides the new DeFi tokens, the platform users can also undertake payments using prominent Bitcoin and Litecoin. For users operating outside of the application, an easy connection of Pay with WalletConnect or MetaMask can be done.

This could allow users to choose the ERC20 token that is available in their wallets. Thereafter, the system would then automatically swap it to the CRO equivalent in an attempt to process its payments.

It would be crucial to note that the Pay users can now also make payments with any of the DeFi token listed in DeFi Swap with the exception of stablecoins. The available coins for these transactions include CRV, LINK, ETH, COMP, WBTC, UNI, renBTC, CRO, and others.

For the record, the exchange through its mobile payment features stands to be one of the emerging breakthrough platforms in today’s crypto payment business. With the platform’s diverse support for an expansive range of digital currencies, the Crypto Pay feature, which already supports payment transactions with fiat and digital currencies, is bound to take a phenomenal leap along with the DeFi Swap integration.

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