Crypto APIs & NEAR team up to accelerate broader blockchain adoption

Crypto APIs & NEAR team up to accelerate broader blockchain adoption

The partnership will unlock the full potential of blockchain to help developers enhance capabilities in the decentralized ecosystem

Crypto APIs, the blockchain infrastructure portfolio catering to Web 3, has reportedly partnered with NEAR, a high-performance blockchain ecosystem encouraging more developers, organizations, and businesses to adopt blockchain technology.

With the recent partnership, Crypto APIs’ customers will be able to use the blockchain infrastructure for adding NEAR blockchain and its asset “$NEAR” in their products and services and will ultimately onset novel opportunities for developers to advance in the decentralized space.

Notably, the NEAR Protocol is a carbon-neutral blockchain designed to perform at an ultra-fast, secure, and scalable level.

By integrating the proof-of-stake protocol in Crypto APIs’ blockchain infrastructure, businesses and organizations will be able to leverage larger number of cross-chain opportunities to explore new business models and design innovative products.

Speaking on the partnership, Nashwan Khatib, CEO of Crypto APIs, mentioned that by joining NEAR ecosystem the company is aiming to support permissionless blockchain that will provide unlimited options to developers, ensuring seamless development and launch of crypto products/applications.

Mr. Khatib added that via integration, NEAR’s blockchain and native currency $NEAR will be made available to millions of customers worldwide, eventually enhancing accessibility to Web 3 technology.

Nicole Tay, Strategy and Communications Lead at NEAR Foundation, commented that the firm is aiming for a multi-chain future where interoperable blockchains perform synergistically to create easy, scalable, and secure pathways into the Web 3 space.

Tay also underpinned the significance of latest partnership in boosting infrastructure in the direction of a multi-chain, cross-chain future which will depend on usability to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain.

Currently, Crypto APIs’ suite of products comprises of Wallet as a Service, Blockchain Data, Blockchain Automations, Blockchain Events, Market Data, Blockchain Tools, and Block Explorer with some of the largest industry players as clients.

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