CoolBitX reveals CoolWallet Pro with expansive staking features

CoolBitX reveals CoolWallet Pro with expansive staking features

CoolBitX, a blockchain security company and innovative developer of CoolWallet, has yet again made it to the headlines in crypto world with a new release of CoolWallet Pro, an advanced hardware wallet with expansive staking features.

As per credible reports, the new launch would make room for a more dynamic interaction with DeFi protocols, through the added convenience of an intuitive mobile application, while simultaneously ensuring protection from bad factors with military grade security.

Additionally, CoolWallet Pro aims to deliver secure staking support for Cosmos, Tron, and Polkadot at launch, long with enhanced features to facilitate the support of NFT collectibles, DeFi protocols, airdrops, dApps, and several other new crypto products and services.

It has been claimed that that NFT, DeFi, and dApp in-app integration would now be available for CoolWallet Pro users in Q3 of 2021, while support from other leading smart contract networks including Cardano and ETH 2.0 is being planned.

Speaking on the recent launch, CEO of CoolBitX, Michal Ou stated that the firm is elated to have produced CoolWallet Pro to match the security and convenience used with CoolWallet S.

Ou exclaimed that CoolBitX is proud to be working closely with its staking infrastructure partners Staked and others during the historic period of digital asset adoption to enable users to lend, spend, borrow, and invest their tokens at anytime and anywhere, thus optimizing the value of their crypto assets.

Michal further mentioned that with the addition of CoolWallet Pro to CoolWallet products would allow crypto-asset users to access CoolWallet S for the basic HODler, providing a hassle-free, economical tool to hold mainstream, alternative, and ERC-20 tokens with enhanced security.

Reports suggests that both CoolWallet Pro and S aim to deliver the original mobile hardware wallet’s core value proposition, allowing users to seamlessly enjoy brilliant cold storage through the convenience of a mobile application.

Most importantly, CoolWallet Pro is known to complement sophisticated users’ crypto requirement with an advanced hardware wallet embed with robust software features that consist of all scenarios of crypto usage.

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