Caruso Properties to accept Bitcoin following partnership with Gemini

Caruso Properties to accept Bitcoin following partnership with Gemini

Caruso- a leading privately held real estate company based in the U.S has reportedly announced an investment into cryptocurrency through a partnership with Gemini- cryptocurrency exchange and custodian.  

Notably, the latest funding by the company forms a part of its treasury management plan making it the first to adopt the technology in the real estate space, offering advanced technologies for guests through its retail ecosystem. Moreover, the company will accept rent payments for both retail as well as residential properties in the form of bitcoin.  

Seemingly, the partnership aims at offering cryptocurrency, blockchain, and non-fungible token applications to Caruso properties through a way to engage its users via their ecosystem. It adds to the company’s belief in the future of cryptocurrency and bitcoin, along with its potential application in commercial and financial services.

Rick Caruso, Founder and CEO, Caruso, was reportedly quoted stating that cryptocurrency and bitcoin will play an integral role in enhancing guest experience. Through the alliance, the company aims at developing several ways to better engage its guests and improve the experience on its properties by offering blockchain reward programs and crypto-based payment solutions.

Incorporated in the year 1987, Caruso has been constantly working towards enhancing guest experience. The latest partnership with Geminin will help strengthen the real-estate company’s roadmap of including innovative technologies along with supporting its mission to offer decentralized retail payment choices to their guest via effective, uncomplicated, and reliable transactions that are protected by blockchain technology.

It is worth mentioning that Caruso owns and operates a wide portfolio of residential, retail, and mixed-use properties that are known for their dedication to the local communities and award-winning architecture.

Citing reports, to meet its expansion goals, Caruso has invested over one billion dollars in new lines of business, including the recently- launched, dining and entertainment destination in Palisades Village and a five-star beachfront resort in California.

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