BlokForge buys Cryptouniverse to set foot in Europe crypto mining sector

BlokForge buys Cryptouniverse to set foot in Europe crypto mining sector

BlokForge- a US-based cryptocurrency mining equipment and accessories entity has reportedly announced the purchase of Cryptouniverse- a leading online mining distributor for Europe to help expand Bitcoin mining on a global scale.

This news favors the adoption of digital coins as China has announced that it will be preventing crypto mining within China. At present, the nation is responsible for over 65% of bitcoin mining globally.

Notably, the purchase will broaden BlokForge’s hold in the crypto mining sector. With complete control over Cryptouniverse’s platform, BlokForge is expected to monitor distribution across the European market and further stretch its global reach.

Incorporated in the year 2017, Cryptouniverse aimed at distributing mining hardware and equipment across Europe. Just like BlokForge, the firm was a distributor for a prominent ASIC miner provider- Canaan.

According to Nick Jackson, Founder and CEO, BlokForge, the latest addition to the brand will not only offer a broader platform but also distribute bitcoin mining hardware and accessories across the North Atlantic Ocean.

Cryptouniverse will help the company enhance its ability to help in the decentralization of mining hardware since the firm’s customer base includes individual miners to mid-sized farms, Nick added.

He also mentioned that with the recent withdrawal of miners from China and away from coal-based energy, BlokForge is witnessing a rapid increase in the number of small farms using sustainable energy and combining it with ASIC hardware into the present eco-friendly businesses where the by-product is used for organism or plant farming.  

Citing sources, during the first half of 2021, Bitcoin witnessed a rise in the value of USD 60k causing the cryptocurrency mining industry to climb. Although, the increase was inordinate on a global scale, with China hosting most of the Bitcoin mining across the globe.

An American online ASIC mining hardware and services warehouse provider, BlokForge is known to offer competitive prices for different types of crypto mining hardware that specializes in GPU, Hash, Coin, ASIC, and other related accessories.

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