Blockchain gaming platform Exeedme reveals project investors and partners

Blockchain gaming platform Exeedme reveals project investors and partners

Exeedme, a blockchain-powered tournament platform is attaining widespread recognition as strategic partners and investors rally behind its project ahead of launch. Notably, the Polkadot-based video gaming solution has gained the interest of various high-profile traders whose involvement will prove to be extremely beneficial for the company in both short and long term.

According to reports, Exeedme has inked a strategic partnership with various investors such as GBV Capital, AU21 Capital, Moonrock VYSYN, Spark Digital Capital, Capital, and Morningstar Ventures. Seemingly, these partners carry vast experience and expertise in the gaming industry, and fields like Decentralized Finance, Non-Fungible Token (NTF) deployment, and Polkadot’s blockchain’s infrastructure.

It is worth mentioning that these companies have in the past, played an integral role in the success of various high-profile blockchain projects like Bondly, Reef, Ultra, Elrond, and Polkstarter, to name a few.

In a statement by the company, this partnership will help develop a gamer-centric and blockchain-led tournament platform for CS: GO and other popular video games.

In due course, Exeedme aims at decoupling heavy centralization that surrounds the gaming industry that keeps the average gamer extremely disadvantaged. Through blockchain’s decentralization, the company aims at extending a “reward distribution” which does not distinguish between an expert gamer and an amateur.  

When compared to the conventional clouded trading game systems, Exeedme provides a fully decentralized and community-driven gaming solution. This helps the company offer transparency and provide returning power to gamers.

Reportedly, the blockchain gaming system uses a combination of innovation behind DeFi, blockchain, and NFTs to develop a peer-to-peer gaming ecosystem that ensures that players are rewarded while playing their favorite video games.

As per Exeedme, the Play2Earn solution does not differentiate based on game status and level. It is built on a fair reward system that awards all skill level gamers, developers, and gaming communities to monetize their skills through innovations like NFTs and DeFi.

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