Bitcoin of America unveils point of sale software to drive crypto adoption

Bitcoin of America unveils point of sale software to drive crypto adoption

Virtual currency exchange platform- Bitcoin of America has reportedly introduced a new point of sale software on its tablets. This new technology will prove to be beneficial for merchants who wish to accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment and for the customers who wish to transact in it.

Notably, Bitcoin of America wishes that the new point of sale technology will help accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency. The company is registered as a money service entity with the United States Department of Treasury and provide various services such as Bitcoin tablets, Bitcoin ATMs, and online trading. To date, they operate in more than 100 locations across 31 states in the U.S.

Recognized for offering fast and simplified transactions to their clients, Bitcoin of America has also extended its top-of-line customer support, making them one of the best in their field.

Recently, the company introduced their Bitcoin Tablet program, where customers may buy Litecoin and Bitcoin using cash. These tablets support a face-to-face buying experience, that is suitable for first-time buyers.

When compared to ATMs, the tablets allow customers to interact with the merchant instead of the machine. ATMs are larger and do not require a person at the other end. The tablet, however, offers customers the right to go and ask questions.

Seemingly, the novel Bitcoin Tablets technology extends more flexibility in terms of placement. Bitcoin ATMs are based in major cities that experience high foot traffic. Since these tablets are much smaller in size and require limited space, there are many more options.

The company has also placed its tablets in rural regions to make cryptocurrency accessible to all. Bitcoin of America also takes care of maintenance and customer support.

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