AQUMON unveils Asia’s first Smart Bitcoin Investment Solution

AQUMON unveils Asia’s first Smart Bitcoin Investment Solution

Digital wealth management platform, AQUMON has introduced Asia’s first Smart Bitcoin ETF Investment Portfolio called ‘SmartGlobalX’ that can help investors manage risks and get returns through automated and data-driven strategies.

The new development integrates AQUMON’s flagship SmartGlobal algorithms with a Bitcoin ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) and brings growth as well as offers clients a hassle-free way to invest in cryptocurrency assets.

Unarguably, Bitcoin is now one of the most widely adopted and popular cryptocurrencies in the world, with its value breaking record new highs each day. The most simply way to invest in Bitcoin is through its purchase directly and keeping it in an encrypted wallet that can only be accessed by the buyer.

However, for some investors the process raises concerns in regards to cyber security and regulatory risks. Another way to invest is in Bitcoin ETFs, Blockchain ETFs, Bitcoin Investment Trusts, or invest in listed companies that capitalize in the cryptocurrency.

Rapidly changing landscape of cryptocurrencies, where price is regulated based on supply and demand, has led to the need for a safer and simpler way to invest in digital currency. As a potential solution, AQUMON has introduced SmartGlobalX (SGX) that is tailored for investors who want risk-adjusted and diversified exposure to Bitcoin assets.

Kelvin Lei, CEO & Co-Founder, AQUMON, claims that cryptocurrencies have become an asset class that is required to be considered in the current financial market, and investors on AQUMON’s platform are seeking ways to invest in it.

AQUMON as a digital wealth management platform aims at making investments accessible and affordable to the public. It understand the hurdles for retail investors to invest in this high-risk asset. Managing the concerns and risks investors have, SmartGlobalX makes Bitcoin investment approachable and effortless, said Lei.

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