Antier Solutions unveils the world’s first DeFi wallet technology

Antier Solutions unveils the world’s first DeFi wallet technology

In a bid to strengthen its presence in the evolving DeFi market, Antier Solutions- an Indian blockchain development company has reportedly launched the world’s first DeFi wallet that supports TRON, Binance Smart Chain DApps, and Ethereum.

For the record, the novel wallet technology offered by Antier is an effort to facilitate decentralized finance available across the network. Along with providing P2P crypto exchange technology, the DeFi crypto wallet can be combined into different DApps systems like Aave, compound, Maker, and Cure.

In addition to the above, the wallet is also marketed as a white-label product utilized by anyone who aims at launching a DeFi solution. The simplified customization procedure of the wallet for both Android and iOS platforms will offer accelerated deployment.

Notably, the DeFi wallet technology supports Ethereum, HD Bitcoin Wallet, and ERC20 supported assets along with easy to use fiat on/off ramps. With an aim to provide an enhanced user experience, the DeFi wallet may be integrated with the crypto platforms, supporting a wide range of DeFi protocol development services like staking, cashouts, currency swapping, and yield farming.

Seemingly, with the Proof-of-Staking mechanism earning greater acceptance with ETH 2.0, the new DeFi wallet technology by Antier Solution will encourage a new breed of investors to stake their assets and multiply their crypto earnings. Moreover, the technology will foster asset liquidity across Ethereum-led platforms.

It is worth mentioning that, with crypto investors turning to DeFi lending and borrowing platforms, wallets have emerged as an integral addition to the market. Antier Solutions is gearing to extend its DeFi DApp development expertise to leading global crypto projects.

Incorporated in the year 2011, Antier Solution is a full-service blockchain consulting company with leading experience in consulting, promotion and development of enterprise-grade DApps with a presence in more than 5 continents.

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