AnChain.AI, OmyuTech collab on Japan’s first baseball card NFT platform

AnChain.AI, OmyuTech collab on Japan’s first baseball card NFT platform

AnChain.AI, a digital asset platform based in Silicon Valley, has revealed its partnership with OmyuTech, one of the leading Japanese baseball software and data service provider, for launching Diamond Dream, a pioneering digital asset platform for baseball fans.

The platform has been developed to assist fans on collecting, engaging, and trading with Japanese baseball players using blockchain. AnChain.AI has also revealed its authorized entry into the FEAT (Flow Early Adopter Track) Program, which is for developers that want to build on top of the Flow blockchain.

Tenki Kou, CEO of OmyuTech in Tokyo, said, “the company is delighted to announce its partnership with AnChain.AI, a top firm in the area of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. "The two firms are creating Japan's largest baseball community, bringing together thousands of amateur players at all levels with millions of fans.

“Diamond dreams gives a unique capability of allowing fans to gather NFTs for their favorite players, as teams are always seeking new opportunities to connect with fans”.

For the uninitiated, Diamond dreams is an NFT platform that transforms the way sports fans interact with their favorite teams. It revolutionizes fan engagement with Japan's burgeoning semi-pro and amateur baseball industry, thanks to smart contracts and blockchain.

The platform would include a social interaction centered on digital baseball cards, enhancing the game day experience on blockchain in a fun, authentic, and accessible way.

Fans can earn cards in multiple ways like attending games, attending fan meetups, buying tickets, and even purchasing concessions. The benefits of owning a card include exclusive access to signature signings, free tickets, and free products.

Dapper Labs’ Product Marketing Director (PMD), Weilei Yu stated that the community centric goal that AnChain.AI and OmyuTech aim at achieving using Diamond dreams is quite admirable. Projects like Diamond Dream can encourage local communities on a global scale, taking advantage of the same tools and capabilities that are used by renowned brands."

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