Amazon to launch separate section for affordable shopping options

Amazon to launch separate section for affordable shopping options Inc. has reportedly announced that it is introducing Amazon Access, a new center where customers can learn more about the deals, programs, and services that the online retailer provides for cost-effective purchasing.

Additionally, Amazon mentioned that the inexpensive Prime membership that was introduced in 2017 will now be known as Prime Access. With the latest Amazon Access hub, customers will get information on choices like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), EBT payment, and Amazon Layaway, which will allow them to reserve specific items for 20% of the entire cost and pay the remaining balance over time. Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is an electronic system used by state departments to distribute welfare benefits.

Besides, customers can also print coupons from the hub and discover discounts on necessities. It also contains details on using Amazon Cash, a payment method that enables you to shop on the marketplace without using a debit or credit card.

For those unaware, the site will now show accessibility alternatives in addition to information on Amazon's budget-friendly buying options. Customers will have the choice to switch their language when purchasing, get information on accessibility features, and get in touch with accessibility customer service.

Given the challenging economic climate and the rising costs of many necessities, the company wants its customers to be aware of all the accessible offerings on Amazon, regardless of their situation.

In addition to this, the hub also talks about the newly renamed service. It is worth mentioning here that a Prime subscription, which typically costs around USD 14.99 per month, is now available to qualified customers for just USD 6.99 per month, owing to the discounted program.

EBT users and some other recipients of government assistance can choose the membership option. Amazon believes that the latest introduction of an affordable shopping hub will increase customer awareness of the cost-effective choice.


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