AmaZix and CertiK to extend exclusive services for blockchain projects

AmaZix and CertiK to extend exclusive services for blockchain projects

AmaZix Limited, a blockchain consultancy company, has reportedly inked a partnership with CertiK to provide a market security service package for certain blockchain projects.

With the advent of blockchain technology, AmaZix has identified an opportunity to combine blockchain project security into its services. This new offering is enabled through a strategic alliance with CertiK. With this, AmaZix can now include insurance alternative product named CertiKShield along with the CertiK Security Oracle.  

Notably, through the implementation of Community Management services by AmaZix, blockchain projects will be able to grow their security by averting scams in different communication channels along with offering superior quality and significant engagement between professional representatives as well as community members.  

In addition to the above, constant presence of the company’s highly-skilled and invested community managers eliminates the spread of FUD, thereby reducing fraudulent attempts.

Seemingly, supporting Security Oracle and CertiKShield with its service pack offers a continuation of AmaZix’s goal to assist blockchain projects through the different stages of the lifecycle along with allowing them to grow sustainably and rapidly.

According to Paulo Anziano, Co-Founder, AmaZix, the alliance with CertiK will help improve the company’s offerings to its customers along with extending innovative and advanced blockchain support services. The partnership will boost AmaZix’s position as a unique blockchain agency and consultancy in the coming times, he added.

As a part of the newly created service package, the blockchain agency will offer ideal community management services, while CertiK will carry out security audits of the selected blockchain projects along with access to its products- Security Oracle and CertiKShield.  

Use of CertiKShield services will offer superior protection to investors through reimbursement protection offered by a collateral pool in case of stolen or lost funds. The effort is an addition to the Smart Contract monitoring process of the Security Oracle, which is an integral step towards removing any potential active attacks against smart contracts.

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