Adobe unveils new asset management tool to enhance customer experience

Adobe unveils new asset management tool to enhance customer experience

Adobe Inc.- an American multinational computer software company has reportedly announced the launch of Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials- a new asset management solution. Notably, this new system aims at providing teams that work with digital assets, a simplified management experience in the Adobe Experience Cloud as compared to Adobe’s present enterprise-focused asset management tool.  

In addition to the above, Adobe is also offering its first tool named the Adobe Journey Optimizer that combines the new experience. The new tool is designed to assist users to leverage their customer data to build out customer journeys along with figuring out the best ways to extend messages and content.

Seemingly, the novel technology aims at creating a centralized, collaborative system for content creators and the teams that use their work. In that context, the new tool is not different from shared online file management services.

Elaborating further on the characteristics of Adobe, the new solution utilizes its Artificial Intelligence smarts as well as Adobe Sensei platform that helps users organize and tag their assets, for instance, to enhance their searchability.

Moreover, the new solution is integrated with Adobe Asset Link that helps creative professionals search, browse, and edit these assets directly from Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, and InDesign without the need to change the context.

According to a statement by Elliot Sedegah, Director of Strategy and Product Marketing at Abode, earlier only creative and marketing teams were involved in content creation as well as the management process. But currently, this group also comprises sales teams and customer support.

With the need to enhance creating tools that made asset management systems easier to be used by the teams, the first tool that combines the new asset management is the Journey Optimizer. The next solution for integration is Workfront, the work management system that Abode purchased last year. The long-term goal of Adobe is to combine the experience across various Experience Cloud apps.  

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