Adidas to adopt TrusTrace blockchain for sourcing sustainable materials

Adidas to adopt TrusTrace blockchain for sourcing sustainable materials

TrusTrace, a SaaS company, has recently announced that it is launching a new blockchain-based solution for tracing supply chains - TrusTrace Certified Material Compliance.

Currently, the firm has a product traceability and supply chain transparency platform and ponders that the innovation is a one-stop-shop solution for all material compliance.

Adidas, the sports brand, is one of its early adopters and provided initial input into its development in line with its striving sustainability goals for the coming years.

Worldwide, the fashion industry generates an environmental impact of four times compared to the airline industry, with 8% of greenhouse gas emissions deriving from apparel and footwear production.

The ways fast fashion is manufactured causes a significant impact on the climate and absence of regulations and unrestricted greenwashing from big giants only worsens it.

The certified material compliance of Trustrace intends to battle misinformation and enhance traceability and transparency within the fashion industry.

Shameek Ghosh, CEO of TrusTrace, said that in the middle of global greenwashing and challenges with unproven claims, brands and regulators are moving fast to inculcate confidence in consumers that the products are indeed as sustainable as they claim to be.

Brands that wish to begin near real-time traceability at the lot level by mapping the movement of raw materials for finishing goods and inevitably calculating the sustainability metrics of those goods can now have a verified solution in TrusTrace Certified Material Compliance.

Furthermore, the solution offers considerable information about the supply chain transactions and product’s material composition at one single location. Examples of the procedures that can be tracked are a product’s origin, the calculation of material waste, and the percentage of certified vs non-certified material content documentation.

Therefore, brands can validate their compliance with international and domestic regulations and standards.

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