Aculys & SUSMED to conduct first-ever blockchain-based clinical trial

Aculys & SUSMED to conduct first-ever blockchain-based clinical trial

Aculys Pharma Inc., a drug company specializing in the development & commercialization of novel drugs catering to neurology and psychiatry, has inked a deal with the digital therapeutics platform SUSMED.

The aim of the contract is to perform the world’s first corporate-funded clinical trial featuring blockchain technology with the cooperation of multiple medical institutions and in partnership with CMIC, a pioneer in the field of drug development support (CRO). 

The high level of sophistication in research & development and the surging cost of new drug development makes it more challenging to enhance the efficiency of clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry.

Thus, the need to efficiently apply resources, focus on efficiency arises, as well as improving productivity, and quality of new drug development for society as a whole.

Addressing these target points, Aculys Pharma is focusing on enhancing overall productivity and quality of clinical trials by integrating artificial intelligence (AI), and digital technologies to ultimately accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative drugs.

Essentially, SUSMED’s clinical trial system helps reduce data entry work and monitoring work typically done by medical institutions, by using its patented technology that connects eCRF, and e-worksheets with the help of blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, CMIC will help demonstrate an efficient clinical trial by facilitating the operation of the new system at medical institutions, adhering to the development of eCRF, and e-worksheet, and ensuring compatibility with functions beyond the scope of the system.

The blockchain technology-featuring clinical trial notably reduces the number of processes conducted for data entry and source data verification (SDV) by medical institutions as compared to conventional methods.

Moreover, it also helps cut down the number of CRA visits to medical institutions.

Thanks to the blockchain application, the system is likely to showcase considerable growth in the reliability of the data generated in the clinical trial.

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