WISeKey unveils WISeCoin to simplify payments using AI & blockchain

WISeKey unveils WISeCoin to simplify payments using AI & blockchain

The company would now allow connected electric cars to pay with WISeCoin cryptocurrencies at autonomous charging stations

Amidst the ongoing craze of digital transactions and cryptocurrencies, leading cybersecurity IoT company- WISeKey International Holding has recently announced releasing its WISeCoin IoT solutions in an attempt to facilitate digital transactions.

Apparently, this initiative is expected to secure people-to-machines, people-to-people, and machines-to-machines communications via AI and blockchain technologies.

WISeCoin is a utility token that makes use of blockchain to authenticate the validity of connected objects that are involved in some kind of digital transaction. It has been reported that the token is itself stored in a digital wallet and is considered to be developer-agnostic as it is highly compatible with any ERC-20 wallet. Considering this advantage, WISeKey is looking forward to making the WISeCoin a standard security feature in some of next-gen IoT devices.

As per credible sources, this unique service offering would allow WISeCoin AG- a special purpose vehicle developed to build the infrastructure for secure transactions and intra-object communications- to aim at emerging as a ubiquitous industry solution for simplifying IoT interactions.

WISeCoins boast of humongous potential applications such as cryptocurrency exchange, digital payments, and digital signatures, and in this regard, WISeKey placed a strong emphasis on the smart vehicle utility, stating facts that the drivers of EVs could deploy WISeCoin to carry out payments at charging stations without making use of a credit card.

It would be essential to note that WISeKey is already providing the integration of PKI and WISeKey IoT in the producer’s connected car solutions permitting them to authenticate real car components while simultaneously allowing owners to properly and securely engage with the car’s smart features.

In other news, WISeKey had announced inking an acquisition deal with German AI pioneer, Arago GmbH. Under the pact, WISeKey would take over the overall business of the latter company in an attempt to expand its AI capabilities across the global market.

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