IBM joins forces with Salesforce to offer COVID-19 health status check

IBM joins forces with Salesforce to offer COVID-19 health status check

American multinational technology company- IBM and global CRM leader- Salesforce have reportedly announced a collaboration to help government agencies, schools and businesses verify an individual’s health and vaccine status and assist them to safely reopen amid the coronavirus outbreak.

For the record, this transaction aims at facilitating the integration of IBM’s Digital Health Pass with the Salesforce platform to offer organizations a single tool that helps make data-driven decisions as they work to streamline communications, reduce risks, and initiate actions.

Notably, Salesforce is a suite of resources and platforms that has been adopted by the government and companies to facilitate manual contact tracing, vaccine management, shift management, and employee wellness. This platform will help schedule COVID-19 tests and vaccinations, as well as share manual contract tracing information in case of any potential exposure.

In addition to the above, the IBM Digital Health Pass has been designed based on the company’s blockchain technology and has been developed to help organizations verify an individual’s health credentials on the basis of temperature checks, test results, vaccination records, and other criteria.

For instance, after the vaccine is administered, the person would be given a verifiable health credential through the Digital Health Pass platform which would be included in the person’s encrypted digital wallet on their smartphone.

As per a statement by Mr. Bill Patterson, EVP and GM, CRM Applications at Salesforce, the company’s partnership with IBM will provide organizations a single platform to allow safe and continuous operations, while deepening trust with the employees and customer.

Meanwhile, Mr. Paul Roma, General Manager for IBM Watson Health, said that with rapid increase in COVID-19 testing along with the world preparing for vaccine distribution, the IBM Digital Health Pass solution along with Salesforce will duly help organizations verify a person’s vaccine status along with any other important health measures.

Today, individuals control what they share, with whom, and for what purpose. Data privacy is assured through this platform, and the digital wallet will allow people to maintain control of their health information and share it in a secured manner that is also verifiable and trusted. This offering was developed to meet the organization’s diverse needs.

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