Coinstreet, ECXX collaborate for STO & digitized securities trading

Coinstreet, ECXX collaborate for STO & digitized securities trading

Amidst ongoing strategic initiatives including mergers, acquisitions, and collaborations being undertaken by various industry behemoths worldwide in the thriving digital asset ecology, one of the recent instances that has enhanced market potential is Coinstreet Partners’ latest partnership with ECXX.

It has been reported that both, Coinstreet Partners and ECXX have entered into a strategic partnership agreement to bring in secondary exchange of digitized securities and end-to-end services to STO (security token offering) to accredited non-individual and institutional investors in the markets of Singapore.

Speaking on this initiative, CEO & Founder of Coinstreet Partners, Samson Lee acknowledged that the firm has been laying immense focus on streamlining the primary market of digital assets in the international market.

He added that the company is elated to have established a strategic partnership with ECXX, as it would allow Coinstreet and ECXX to vertically integrate their primary services with regulated secondary trading in the province of Singapore, which stands to be an ideal market for the company.

Meanwhile, Branson Lee, CEO of ECXX quoted that the company foresees the digital assets space gaining massive impetus and importance over the forthcoming years. In this regard, ECXX’s partnership with Coinstreet would stand to be an essential one as this space takes on a more globalized nature now.

While on the other hand, Listing Director of ECXX- Terry Tan, cited that working closely with Coinstreet would enable ECXX to reach out to more global companies who have laid keen emphasis on tokenizing their assets and listing their tokens on a regulated digital exchange in the country.

He further stated that this strategic collaboration is expected to come out strong as a beneficial situation for both the leading companies.

For the record, estimates put forth by World Economic Forum state that nearly 10% of the global GDP would be tokenized and deposited on Blockchain by the end of 2027, emerging as a crucial trend for both Coinstreet and ECXX companies.

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