Soriano emerges as the 1st motorcycle firm to accept cryptocurrencies

Soriano emerges as the 1st motorcycle firm to accept cryptocurrencies

With the trend of cryptocurrency escalating worldwide, companies have now begun considering digital currencies like Bitcoin as an alternate mode of payment almost at all verticals. In one such scenario, Italian cutting-edge EV producer- Soriano Motori, has reportedly announced emerging as the first motorcycle company to receive cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment, globally.

It has been claimed that company would now accept an expansive range of digital currencies including Bitcoin, BTC Cash, LiteCoin or LiteCash, and Etherum to facilitate the purchase of its customers and ensure that they can have their motorcycles regardless of the currency type or country of origin.

It would be essential to note this new digital ecosystem would now take hold in the society and is looking forward to offering international business opportunities for both its sellers and customers. In fact, the two-wheeled vehicle sector in Italian states, which is significantly led by Soriano Motori, joins companies from other luxury sectors in a commitment to revolutionize the ‘digital gold’.

Speaking on this accomplishment, Founder of Soriano Motori and an experienced investor in cryptocurrencies- M. Soriano reportedly cited that this recent achievement would allow its clients to leverage the benefits of cryptocurrencies when it comes to purchasing motorcycles. He added that with digital currencies like Bitcoin, the company can carry out vivid international transactions without attending to exchange rate fluctuation or commissions.

As per official sources, the firm’s eCommerce store is being incorporated with the Coinbase cryptocurrency trading platform and advanced blockchain system which is expected to assure the security of transactions in the near future.

In addition to this, at the current exchange rate for BTC, users could make a purchase of any model for a little more than 2 BTC. Customers would be required to pay the sum according to the value set by the market at the time of purchase. This apart, alongside cryptocurrencies, Soriano Motori also accepts dollars, euros, and sterling.

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