TradeStars joins forces with Matic Network to offer enhanced UX

TradeStars joins forces with Matic Network to offer enhanced UX

With companies looking forward to enhancing customer experience and streamlining their operations, Ethereum based decentralized exchange company- TradeStars has recently announced establishing a strategic partnership with one of the leading L2 scaling solutions providers, Matic Network.

This positive and novel move can be attributed to the company’s aim of improving their product offering by ensuing a seamless and smooth user experience on the platform, even when trading activity on it expands exponentially in the years ahead.

As per credible reports, it was reported that the current Ethereum network takes no less than 20 seconds to get the transactions confirmed. However, the integration of Matic would allow the platform to bring down this time to about 2 seconds, leading to an improved user experience.

This apart, Matic is also likely to lower down the transaction cost by a factor of 1/1000, thus enabling TradeStars to deploy feasible meta-transactions while augmenting the quality of UX even further.

Commenting on the partnership, the Founder of TradeStars- Christian Hentschel- reportedly cited that the firm is striving to create the NASDAQ of Fantasy Stocks on blockchain. However, claims by official sources state that the company is nowhere near that with the current UX in terms of transaction costs, timing, and scalability overall in the existing Ethereum blockchain.

Nevertheless, Matic Network would significantly help it overcome these shortcomings. He further added that Matic’s solid technical team would solve all the troubles being faced by TradeStars with its robust commitment and exceptional technical skills.

While on the other hand, Sandeep Nailwal, the Co-Founder and COO of Matic Network, stated that TradeStars is bringing forth some unique concepts to the blockchain gaming sphere, enabling users to purchase Fantasy Stocks in form of Fractionable NFTs to maximize their ROI.

Additionally, Matic is quite optimistic that TradeStars would introduce a paradigm shift in the fantasy game industry in the years ahead, and that the company is glad to have partnered with them right from their early days.

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