Lumi announces addition of Apple Pay as a potential payment method

Lumi announces addition of Apple Pay as a potential payment method
  • This move has opened access to an alternative purchase option for various users.
  • Apple payment system would be made available to more than 60 countries including the U.S, France, U.K, and Germany.

In a recent turn of events, multi-currency crypto wallet- Lumi has announced adding Apple Pay as an available payment method in application, allowing various users to make purchase, leverage expanded functionality, and exchange and store digital assets. In fact, this novel move is expected to provide access to an alternative purchase option for about hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

According to official sources, post launch of the latest version of the application, after December 11th2020, Lumi Wallet’s iOS users, across about 60 countries including the United Kingdom, France, Canada, the United States, and others, would be able to choose an option to buy crypto using Apple Pay. Moreover, this method would streamline the purchase process due to the absence of requesting KYC verification for all users who already have an account linked with Apple Pay wallet.

Commenting on the launch, CEO of Lumi Wallet, Diana Furman, stated that their team is currently striving to develop the app as user-friendly as possible to provide a seamless user experience. Since there is an absence of a universal solution for everyone, the company is going nine yards for designing the interface of its wallets in such a way that users have the opportunity to select functions that they are in need of.

In this regard, adding Apple Pay as a substitute payment method to purchase crypto stands to be an ideal step for the same.

Speculations have it that the company has set limits of USD 500 daily and weekly, while USD 5000 yearly for the United States citizens and that for non-US citizens is USD 1000 daily and weekly and over USD 7500 yearly.

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