TotalClarity to capitalize on dClinics PHB for next clinical trials

TotalClarity to capitalize on dClinics PHB for next clinical trials

US based Biotech company TotalClarity which has a wide range of innovative medicines for the treatment of glaucoma, fungal infections, and cancer is reportedly poised to leverage dClinic’s Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) for conducting its clinical trials, across the ASEAN region. According to credible sources, the trials will particularly be conducted in Singapore and Indonesia in order to validate the efficacy of these molecules.

Speaking of the initiative, CEO of TotalClarity, Shekhar Shastri stated that the company is confident about obtaining substantial operational efficiency by leveraging dClinic’s clinically focused ingenious Blockchain technology. Further, it believes that the ASEAN region provides the company an appropriate market for launching its innovative molecules which will endow enormous benefits to local residents and will allow it to bring partnerships and investments from a several regional partners. Shastri also stated that the company’s association with Deloitte Southeast Asia will enable it to navigate through the ASEAN market.

Meanwhile, dClinic CEO, Dr. Richard Satur has stated that inclusion of the company’s Blockchain technology in clinical trials for establishing efficacy of the therapeutics will allow TotalClarity to circumvent expensive non-clinical and administrative overheads. These consist of, but not confined to, managing different versions of proofs of consent that are saved on the Blockchain, which can be further linked to reference during every trial. The company will use its PHB Smart Contracts for defining and documenting the method of generating consent before the inclusion of a participant in the trial, Satur added.

For the records, TotalClarity’s business model is underpinned by proprietary Artificial Intelligence, which is used to drive internal R&D and is a key component on its technology platform. This AI-driven platform enables it to scale drug development process to expedite molecular innovation in the fields of cancer and pulmonary infections, with much shorter timeline, developing strong IP and improved efficacy. Moreover, TotalClarity team will carry out numerous workshops with its ASEAN partners to demonstrate clear value proposition.

Furthermore, TotalClarity’s AI platform is an innovation that the company believes is essential for efficient and effective progress in life science research in general. Moreover, it immensely helps in enhancing operations and clinical trial procedures for biotech firms. Combining this with dClinic’s Blockchain will offer a platform that provides for a fuller biotech eco-system which adds tremendous values to global biotech industry.

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