Epsilon collaborates with Aviatrix to offer enhanced cloud solutions

Epsilon collaborates with Aviatrix to offer enhanced cloud solutions

Texas-based management consulting services provider, Epsilon Data Management LLC, has reportedly partnered with Aviatrix, a leader in cloud network platform, to offer end-to-end multi-cloud services called Epsilon Cloud Networking for companies operating across various verticals.

For those uninitiated, Epsilon Cloud Networking offers operational visibility, automation, and the control needed by any enterprise to simplify its cloud networking systems. Customers using the new multi-cloud service can benefit from features such as security & network abstraction, multi-cloud functionality and enterprise-class networking, sources claimed.

In fact, the multi-cloud service can be used to control the conventional cloud networking platform in order to ensure cloud automation as well as simplicity. Sources further confirmed that Epsilon Cloud Networking is based on Aviatrix’s platform which is capable of moving information between various cloud environments such as Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services.

Chief Executive Officer at Epsilon, Michel Robert, reportedly stated that the company is looking forward to partner with Aviatrix and offer cloud networking service that is better than traditional connectivity. He further mentioned that Epsilon has always focused on addressing real issues faced by the enterprises during networking applications within and across numerous cloud environments.

Steve Mullaney, CEO at Aviatrix, was quoted saying that the partnership with Epsilon will enable the company to offer an end-to-end service to organizations aiming towards enhanced visibility and control of their multi-cloud environment. He claimed that their multi-cloud network architecture is majorly designed for large-scale companies, further enabling them to transform their operations with support from cloud experts.

If reports are to be believed, Epsilon Cloud Networking is based on the company’s private network as well as Aviatrix cloud network platform to develop an enterprise-class network between as well as inside public clouds. The new Epsilon service will also enable clients to consume security services in order to meet their compliance requirements.

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